The “Fair-Weather Coach” Quandary

I’ve rarely seen this happen with a coach or a head instructor.  The main perpetrators tend to be fellow students with seniority over you.
These “fair-weather-coaches”, as I call them…haven’t been following your training for some time; either due to other priorities or absence.  Well, they’ve returned to the school and immediately start barking instructions at you.  No knowledge of your progression.  No familiarity with your recent or current injuries.  No sense of what you’ve been focusing on and the direction your training has been going.

But they’re your senior, so you respectfully comply – reluctantly in some cases.

This has happened somewhat frequently in my training history.  It’s especially difficult in the Asian arts where hierarchy, rank and seniority are written in stone; regardless of ability and intelligence.  Some pretentious seniors pull rank far too frequently.

In many cases, seniors have disappeared for years.  Then out of no where – no announcement – there’s the novelty cameo appearance that’s unfortunately too frequent.  People who do nothing for the school.  Don’t help.  Don’t contribute. Put no effort into growing the school and student base… come through the door as if a triumphant parade was in order.
Any implemented structure goes out the window. People stop what they’re doing to greet them. Other times, they interrupt the training session and start talking to students.  *You can see the awkward reluctance in the students’ expressions, as they want to continue training instead of stopping cold to talk.  But again – they’re respectful to their own detriment.
This is the disruptive aspect.

The frustrating and counter-productive aspect of these types is when they start correcting you.  They themselves are visibly out of shape and clearly out of practice.  THEY HAVE THEIR OWN SKILLS TO WORK ON – they should not be worrying about what a ‘junior’ [yet consistent] student is doing; even if what they’re doing is wrong.

This is a very sore spot for me

Please worry about your own training!


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