Book Review: “Meat is for Pussies” – John Joseph


It first needs to be said that John Joseph is one of the pioneers of the Hardcore music scene – a scene I grew up in. He fronted the band Cro-Mags, which is in my top 3 favorites in that music genre. Of all my interests over the years, the Hardcore scene is still the one I identify with the most. So I was a little biased going into this book.

John is a tough dude. He doesn’t delve too much into his upbringing in this book, but it should be known that his toughness is validated through his experiences. He’s not arrogant. He’s not pretentious. But he’s been through a lot of hard times and come out of it on top. If you google the acronym, “PMA” – that’s John Joseph personified. However if you’re full of shit, he’ll let you know. As he does with Monsanto and its ilk in this book.

His writing style may take some getting used to for some. hahaa … I think it’s hilarious, but effective. He can get a point across in 5 words; 3 of them being expletives, that most would feel the need to convey in 10 wordy sentences.
If you can take the stick out of your ass and suffer through 20 F-words per paragraph, this book will actually teach you a thing or two.

Driven by his own experiences, his own research, his own discipline, but primarily for the benefit of others, this book was written to inform the masses about the poison that’s both in our food, in our environment, and subsequently within our bodies. He exposes the misinformation floating around by everyone from Big Pharma to what you hear Vinny the Juicehead rambling on about in your local gym.

You’ll find out why 80% of the food in your grocery store is harmful to your health and the author goes into specifics as to how it came about and what the effects are. More importantly, he offers alternative options that will not only keep you out of sickness’ path, but drastically improve your overall well-being. He’ll tell you why the need for meat as a protein source is a myth. John has competed in multiple Iron Man races – fueled only by a vegan diet and discipline. That alone shatters all of the falsehoods of not achieving your athletic potential on a vegan diet.

“Meat is for Pussies” as John admits is a bit of a misnomer. The meaning behind the name refers to the detrimental effects of the modern day diet on the human body. The more you consume toxins, the more weak and feeble you become – thus, a pussy.

I’d say the main emphasis in this book is simply to treat your body with respect. And that encompasses a few key elements:
Know what you’re eating
If it’s not beneficial to your health, DON’T EAT IT. It seems like a no-brainer, but the FDA, WHO, Monsanto, Big Agra etc are counting on people’s naivete and complacency for one sole purpose – lining their pockets.
Stay fit
A sedentary lifestyle in and of itself is detrimental to your health. Once you combine a consistently healthy diet with a daily exercise routine, you will be blown away with how great you feel.
Embrace spirituality
Not necessarily ‘religion’, but John stresses the necessity to cultivate mental/spritual health as well. Whether that be through periodic yoga practice, meditation, or both.

End result: If you care about your well-being, read this book.



From the “Ask a Nutritionist” section of Vegetarian Times.  Click the image below for the full article.

My question is — why do we even need a sweetener? 
It’s all in the programming.  I’ve had my morning coffee for years black/no sweetener and prefer it hands-down over sweetened coffee or tea. It wasn’t always that way, but I programmed myself to appreciate the taste.
And if you’re cooking foods that require a sweetener, [as this article suggests replacing sugar in recipes -with agave] you’re probably using other incredibly processed ingredients anyway.  …making something unhealthy.

My take is simple – but really doesn’t need to be more complex.